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A Triptych (panel 1) by Joe Fenton

M C Escher originals 

Pencil drawing artworks by Ethan Murrow.

“Free Dive”, photos by Kanoa Zimmerman.

London artist Mark Powell cleverly re-purposes old, used, and often tattered ephemera. Using cancelled envelopes as his canvases, he produces striking, life-like, and inked drawings.

Witch Tower

These are spectacular drawings made with a ballpoint pen and marker by Shohei.

Beautiful black & white photographs by Toshio Shibata

Monster enthusiast and artist Robert Farmer currently resides in Frederick, MD, with his wife and four cats, working as an Adjunct Professor of Painting and Drawing at Shepherd University in Shepherdstown, WV

Chinese street artist, Dal, recently painted a deer stretching the length of a long wall in his unique black and white ribbon style.

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