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I love videos like this.  Cartoonist Daniel Clowes (Eightball, Ghost World) talks about the goal of the cartoonist.  Hearing artists like him gives me a sense of calm.  It is comforting to know that not all successful art is brainless or shallow.  It’s refreshing and gives me energy to keep working on original work.

Lara Merrett when asked to describe her work: “Intuitive, large, unlikely and not shy.”

(via The Design Files

REFLECTIONS: Taryn Simon "Shot true" from MATT BLACK on Vimeo.

Taryn Simon by Matt Black

REFLECTIONS featuring Damien Hirst "On the spot" from MATT BLACK on Vimeo.

Damien Hirst by Matt Black

When Karl Lagerfeld interviews himself you get these amazing lines like, “I want to ask you a question that you may have forgotten and I don’t remember.”

Q: What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned throughout your film career? A: If I’d actually learned any of the lessons, I wouldn’t be making films anymore. I try not to learn. I spend most of my life unlearning.

Terry Gilliam: On Ideas, Unlearning & Avoiding Debt

Hugh Leeman from Agency Charlie on Vimeo.

An introduction to Hugh Leeman

The Astonishing Post’s Best of Video (2011)

I’m a bit of a video junkie.  I’m constantly seeking out the best and coolest videos on the web and posting them both here and in my weekly post over on Abduzeedo.com, aptly named - Video Inspiration.  So, here are my best finds of 2011.  There are a lot!

Oh, and this post took FOREVER to create…so if you like it, please reblog!

Note: Click the image or the link below an image to watch the video


The Freelance Whales - Enzymes

Siiick promo video for video violence

Promo music video by Pomp&Cout

“Lovely Bloodflow” by Baths. Directed by Young Replicant.  So. fucking. good.

All Ways by Corduroi - video by Color Chart

Release The Freq by Matta - video by Kim Holm

The Game by Das Pop - video by Big Active

Bizness by Tune-Yards - video by mimi cave

Kapput by Destroyer

Catapilah by Young Buffalo

Kimbra - Cameo Lover

Kimbra - Plain Gold Ring

Kimbra - Settle Down

Hooray for Earth by True Loves

Somebody New by The Amplifetes

“Bombay” by El Guincho

Music and Animation by Chad VanGaalan

“Dear My Body” by Power Animal

Chorus by Cool Runnings

Team vs. Starsliger - Close to me

Say Say Say

Yes I know by Memory Tapes

Original Music Video for Apache by Jump On It

Chase No Face by Bell

When The Night Falls by Chromeo

Oh Land by White Nights

Somebody I Used to Know by Gotye ft. Kimbra

Table Beggar by Loose Fit

Maniac by Hyper Crush

I Need Nothing

The Murf by Rendevous

Montana by Youth Lagoon

Breaking Bones by VHS or Beta

Why Don’t We by Mint Julep

Polarity Song by Seventeen Evergreen

Det Haster by Casiokids

Mound by Allison Schulnik

Fantasy by DYE

Comme un enfant by Yelle

Forest Fire by Future Shadow

Cecelia and Her Selfhood by the Villagers

When The Saints Go Marching In by Parix

House of Thought by Dave Dixon

Sprawl II by Arcade Fire


Daniel Oeffinger 2011

Nick Losq

ANIMATION (CG or Illustration)

Mighty Antlers by The Animation Workshop

Vaseline & Pepper by Fraser Munden

Loom by Polynoid

16-Bit Dinosaur

The Schwarzenegger Trilogy

My Bloody Lad

My Favourite Animal

Hotdog Hustle

Keloid Trailer

Reindeer by Treat

Caroling by Treat

Christmas Tree by Treat

Pole Dance by Treat

Santa’s Workshop by Treat

Howard by Julia Pott

The Lonely Tea Cup by Linnea Sterte


The Keyring Stunt Driver

Seven Days In The Woods

Morphology by Peter Sluszka



The Wharholian interviews street artist Ben Eine

Awesome mini doc featuring two amazing artists - Supakitch and Koralie :)

This is a cute little documentary about how a sewing machine and a bicycle fell in love.

Ralph Gibson for Leica

Who’s Afraid of Ai Weiwei?

Alex Honnold free solo climbs Half Dome

The Accidental Sea - the true story of a bizarre sea in the middle of a California desert forgotten by everyone.

Tom Sachs a Selby Film

Love Kills Demons

Eric Yahnker Interview

Mike Smith Lectures on Photography

Michael Cina

Anthony Lister

Amazing Peruvian collage artist Raul Ronald Moreno Cardenas at work

Love, love, love, this style :) - Conrad Roset

Johanna Tagana has Monstrous Friends

Marquese Scott

Josh Vogel

Patrician McCarthy

Frederico Uribe

Mike Giant - about his tag


Tony Schwartz

Ken Barber and House Industries

Mike Giant


Longboard Girls Crew carve up a mountain road


Plot Device

Think Creatively


Men’s Shirt As Women’s Fashion

The Birth by Shoot Me Fashion


Innocent, In A Way

Daphne Groeneveld starring in the new issue of Numéro #124.

Flash on the Beach 2011 Trailer


sexy man saxogram

 Punks Jump Up by Blockhead

Design-Generation WTF

Design-Generation WTF

Design-Generation WTF

Design-Generation WTF

Design-Generation WTF

Design-Generation WTF

Design-Generation WTF

Discount Meat Salesman

Snack-bar Propaganda

Fok Julle Naaiers

Thomas Campbell at The Standard, East Village from The Standard Hotel on Vimeo.

Thomas Campbell sat down with the folks at The Standard to talk about his latest work.

Great interview with Ken Barber of House Industries.  A must watch for anyone who drools over hand drawn type and lettering.

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