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Kosyo Minchev.  White Chocolate Skull, 2004. Rigid polyurethane resin and rubber, 15 x 25 x 32” (38.1 x 63.5 x 81.3 cm).


Donald Edwards via Junkculture


Homemade Typography by Nicolás García Jimenez

(via outterspaces)

Jim Hodges


Yunwoo Choi. Just Another Day, 2012. Newspapers, resin, stainless wire.

Alex Chinneck (via booooooom.com)


by Pour Les Alpes

(via micaeyes)


Stacee Kalmanovsky - Rain, 2005 - suspended glass droplets

(via staceythinx)

Works of Calder - This three minute film by Herbert Matter succinctly relays Calder’s vision. From the importance of the shadows thrown by his mobiles’s shapes, to the notion that the shapes are what they are and nothing else, this is an intimate look at Calder in his studio as seen through the eyes of a child. (by artnetTV)

Fascinating sculptures juxtaposing the man-made and the natural by Pim Palsgraaf.


 Yunwoo Choi.

Yunwoo Choi, who holds two M.F.A.’s (one in Sculpture, one in Fine Art), creates large scale sculpture out of rolled up magazines. But that sounds so much more boring than what the artist’s work actually brings to the table. The magazines lend a chunky, geometric punch to the already weighted works that is hard to anticipate only from a textual description. So many magazines are used in each piece that the works almost buzz with a busy violence, which is weird when you consider that they only consist of a a bunch of newsprint. This contradiction calls into question conventional concepts of strength, weight, and coherence. (by )

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